for generations

You can change your family's financial future...

Family Banking Cover

What's your

You will recapture payments made on your debt & build wealth you can access for purchases, investments, & family banking.

You will build safe, reliable wealth providing passive income you won’t outlive.

You will provide a financial legacy for your family that can change your family’s future for generations.

Family Banking with Purpose!

By Chris Bay

Family Banking Cover

The intention of this book is to inspire financial hope and freedom for you. It is to tell a story about how one family created their banking system that impacted generations. The ideas in this book will spark strategies you can implement in your own life.

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We have had the deeply impactful blessing of being mentored directly by Mike, Chris & the LSL team. Their genuine nature in teaching this message is something we will forever be grateful for. We are utilizing this book for our clients and our own investment journeys

One of the powerful pieces in our financial journey has been the teaching and coaching we’ve had from Chris and the Life Success & Legacy Team. It is no exaggeration that their training has changed our lives for the better.

This is a story of financial hope and inspiration. This story combats the “Decision Fatigue” from all the financial noise that is out there. “Family Banking with Purpose” is a great place to RENEW or BEGIN receiving a different PERSPECTIVE of where you are now and instigate your IMAGINATION of what will become of your Story with money for you and your family.

Start waving HELLO to a reality of greeting your hopes and dreams in celebration.

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